The exercise monitoring system is composed of two inertial sensors, which can be adjusted to separate body segments using elastic bands, and a mobile phone software, which collects the orientation measurements of the sensors and calculates the angle in the joint that connects both segments, allowing the desired range of motion of the joint to be configured during the exercise, and warning the user when it exceeds the established limits (see reference [16] in the Publications section). The system is of great help to perform exercises correctly, whether in the gym, at the workplace, or during a rehabilitation process.

Measurement of joint angles in real time

  • Determination of patient flexibility
  • Rehabilitation
  • High performance training 
  • Motion analysis
  • Interactive software training
Exercise monitoring
Various configurations possible with only two sensors

Low-cost system with two sensors

  • Easy to use
  • Numerous applications

Mobile application

  • Definition of the desired range of joint motion
  • Visualization of measurements
Custom mobile application
Injury prevention through biofeedback

Biofeedback with audible warning

  • Risk prevention
  • Movement learning
  • High performance training

Scientific publication

Movement studies conducted in gyms